The Season After Pentecost: A Season of Christ’s Hope

As the dawn follows night, so our Lord will surely appear in power and glory to gather his own to himself, to make an end of war and sin, and to restore creation under God’s will.

This is a season of the hope of Christ’s soon return.The rhythms of time, of all time, will consummate with the coming of Jesus Christ at his return. Christians throughout the ages have yearned for the time when God will consummate his plan of salvation with the revelation of his Son at the end of this age. The darkness and shadow of this tragic human story, the Fall’s dread and ugly curse, the costly punishment for our original foreparent’s and our own will disobedience–death, will finally be overcome. The glory of God is destined to fill all heaven and earth, and God’s own dear warrior-Son will put all enemies of the Father under his feet. This is our hope and our future!