Hymns Highlighted

Our theme this year is “It Is Well with My Soul” based on the well-known hymn by that name. The Church historically has captured its message of love and mercy in its symbols, metaphors, stories and songs, all designed to lift up the name of the Lord and encourage the saints on their pilgrim journey of discipleship. Spiritual hymns and songs are a universal language that communicates across cultures and peoples to emphasize our devotion to God through Jesus Christ, he who is worthy of our highest praise and service.

We have selected 14 Hymns this year to produce (through TUMI Productions) and focus on during the Season after Pentecost. The hymnwriters personal stories of how they came to write these hymns are inspiring and are shared for your encouragement here.

Theme Song: It Is Well with My Soul
It Is Well with My Soul
Words: Horacio Spafford, 1873 | Music: Ville du Havre, Philip P. Bliss, 1875

The Season of Advent: The Coming of Christ
O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
Words: Latin, twelfth century; trans. John M. Neal, 1851
Music: Veni Emmanuel, 15th century processional of French Franciscan nuns

The Celebration of Christmas: The Birth of Christ
O Holy Night
Words: Placide Cappeau, 1843
Music: Adolphe C. Adam, 1843

The Season after Epiphany: The Manifestation of Christ
We Three Kings
Words and Music: John H. Hopkins, Jr, 1857

The Season after Epiphany: The Manifestation of Christ
Amazing Grace
Words: John Newton, 1779
Music: New Britain, Virginia Harmony, by James P. Carrell and David S. Clayton, 1831

The Season of Lent: The Lowliness of Christ
Just As I Am
Words: Charlotte Elliott, 1835
Music: Woodworth, William B. Bradbury, 1849

The Observance of Holy Week: The Passion of Christ
When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
Words: Isaac Watts, 1707
Music: Hamburg, Lowell Mason, 1824

The Season from Easter to Pentecost: The Resurrection of Christ
Christ the Lord Is Risen Today
Charles Wesley, 1739
Music: Easter Hymn, composer unknown, 1708

The Season from Easter to Pentecost: The Ascension of Christ
Hail Christus Victor
Words: Don L. Davis, 2007
Music: Ellacombe, William H. Monk, 1868

The Season after Pentecost: The Coming of the Holy Spirit
Holy, Holy, Holy
Words: Reginald Heber, 1826
Music: Nicaea, John B. Dykes

The Season after Pentecost: A Season of Christ’s Headship
Praise Him, Praise Him
Words: Fanny Crosby, 1869
Music: Lazio, Chester G. Allen

The Season after Pentecost: A Season of Christ’s Harvest
I Love to Tell the Story
Words: A. Katherine Hankey, 1866
Music: William G. Fischer, 1869

The Season after Pentecost: A Season of Christ’s Hope
My Hope Is Built on Nothing Less
Words: Edward Mote, 1834
Music: Solid Rock, William B. Bradbury, 1863

The Season after Pentecost: Remembering the Saints, Exalting the King
Jesus Shall Reign
Words: Isaac Watts, 1719
Music: Duke Street, attributed to John Hatton, 1793