Hymn: Hail Christus Victor

Words: Don L. Davis, 2007

Music: Ellacombe, William H. Monk, 1868

Hail, Christus Victor! was first sung by staff of The Urban Ministry Institute during Eastertide 2008 at their weekly worship service.

Don L. Davis (b. 1954) of Wichita, Kansas, has written hundreds of songs since coming to the Lord at age 20. He and his wife, Beth, joined the ministry of World Impact in 1975, serving as community ministers, church planters, and in pastoral leadership. Don has served as director of the Wichita ministry and in various vice-presidential roles. He received his degrees from Wheaton College (BA), Wheaton Graduate School (MA), and the University of Iowa School of Religion (PhD). He founded The Urban Ministry Institute in 1995 where he oversees the training of urban missionaries, church planters, and city pastors, and facilitates training opportunities for urban Christian workers in evangelism, church growth, and pioneer missions. He has written dozens of books as well, including Sacred Roots: A Primer on Retrieving the Great Tradition and Get Your Pretense On! Living as a Citizen and Ambassador of the Kingdom of God.

William Henry Monk (1823-1889) was a music and singing teacher in England. He was also music director for almost 40 years at St. Matthias, Stoke Newington, London, and was the first musical editor for Hymns Ancient and Modern, the historic hymnal which sold 60 million copies.

Hymn Lyric Video (Embed video here)

Hail, Christus Victor!
Words: Don L. Davis, 2007

Music: Ellacombe, William H. Monk, 1868

Verse 1
From heav’ns great heights, the Son came down and joined himself to us,
Immanuel, the Word made flesh, to prove the Father’s love.
That ancient foe of hate and rage, the dragon, Christ put down;
The devil’s works destroyed, disarmed, and now, Christ wears the crown.

Verse 2
The Fall’s dread Curse, that damning fate, is conquered and no more,
For Christus Victor’s ransomed all, creation he’ll restore.
The yawning depths of blackest Hell must yield to his command,
For now the keys of Hell and Death he holds within his hand.

Verse 3
And Death, that final enemy, will soon now lose its sting,
For Jesus rose to life again, and reigns above, as King.
Ascended high to God’s right hand, he reigns triumphantly,
And angels, dazzled by the sight, bow down to Majesty.

Verse 4
In glory bright he sits above, in prayer to intercede
As our High Priest before our God, now for his own to plead.
And one bright day God’s sacred oath in truth shall be fulfilled,
And heav’n and earth will be renewed, according to God’s will.

Verse 5
From heav’n’s high realm Christ did descend, redemption for to win,
And now exalted at God’s side, he takes his place again.
Hail, Christus Victor! Risen Lord! In splendor, now You reign! Heav’ns fullest blessing, won by love, now follows in your train!