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TUMI Voice is the official blog of The Urban Ministry Institute.  As The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI), we are dedicated to empowering church planting movements to reach and transform America’s inner cities.  To fulfill our mission:

  • TUMI equips leadership for the urban church, especially among the poor, in order to advance the Kingdom of God.
  • TUMI is dedicated to empowering church planting movements to reach and transform America’s inner cities.
  • TUMI  establishes satellites in strategic partnership with churches, organizations, and church traditions in order to ensure that their leaders are equipped for effective urban ministry, and empowered to display and advance the Kingdom in unreached communities neighboring their own.
  • TUMI strives to provide urban churches with affordable, effective resources for leadership development, church renewal, spiritual formation, and pioneer mission.
  • TUMI is committed to retrieving the Great Tradition.  As the roots of our orthodox faith, the Great Tradition is grounded in the Apostolic Tradition, set in the bounds of the historic orthodox faith as defined and asserted in the ecumenical creeds of the ancient and undivided Church, with special focus on the Nicene Creed.
  • TUMI seeks to work closely with urban church leaders and their church traditions so they may be renewed and mobilized for effective worship, community, and mission.
  • TUMI believes that the disciplines of spiritual formation can be reinvigorated by the simple, uncluttered teaching and practices of the Great Tradition.
  • TUMI partners with urban churches and their leaders to form new alliances in explicit unity for the purpose of fulfilling the Great commission among the urban poor of the world.

TUMI Voice is a place where we discuss the issues that are important to fulfilling our mission.  We welcome your participation in the conversation!


TUMI is a ministry of World Impact, Inc., a Christian missions organization committed to fascilitating church-planting movements by evangelizing, equipping, and empowering the unchurched urban poor.

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  1. Praise the Lord for World Impact and the TUMI curriculum. Prison Fellowship has over 1000 students in California alone, enrolled in TUMI. Many students will be graduating this year. The prison system in California is being transformed and it is starting with the Incarcerated believers having church on the yard!

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