Week 47: Saturday

We pursue lives of integrity and uprightness both in private and public. We are not our own; we have been bought with a price. The call to holiness is a call to separation from the pollution of sin. As the royal priesthood, we display God’s holy character in the world and show the reality of the Kingdom of God. Let us live holy lives so that we may never be put to shame.

In every aspect of life, Jesus of Nazareth is our pattern. This is particularly clear with regard to suffering. Peter says that Jesus left footsteps for us to follow him. When Jesus first told his disciples to take up their cross and follow him, it was right after he told Peter, “Get behind me, Satan.” Let us take up our cross daily and follow in the footsteps of our Lord.

Lord Jesus, we take up our cross today and every day to follow you wherever you would lead us.

Saturday: Rom. 4-6

The holy priesthood is to live holy lives before God and the world (1 Pet. 3:12), allow their good works to bring glory to God (1 Pet. 2:12), and even use wordless conduct as a means of winning unbelievers to Christ.

~ Uche Anizor and Hank Voss, Representing Christ. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 2016. p. 47.

Let God Arise! Seasonal Focus
Put on the Armor of God, Ephesians 6.10-18

Book Reading
Anizor and Voss, Representing Christ