Week 36: Tuesday

We gather to retell and reenact the story of Christ and his Kingdom. The Risen Lord revealed himself to his disciples in the explaining of the Word and the breaking of the bread [the Table] (Luke 24.27–31). Christ commanded his followers to teach the Word (Matt. 28.20) and to keep the Table (Luke 22.19). The earliest Church kept the Word and Table (Acts 2.42). Paul delivered as the matters of first importance the Word concerning Christ (1 Cor. 15.3) and the practice of the Table (1 Cor. 11.23).

The Passover is the Jewish remembrance and reenactment of the night they left Egypt in the great Exodus. The destroying angel swept through Egypt killing all the firstborn sons, passing over only those houses where the blood of a lamb was smeared on the doorframe. Christ is our Passover (1 Cor. 5.7), the lamb who was slain for us, who redeems us from slavery and death so that we can be free to worship him.

God of the Exodus, and Father of our Lord Jesus, we recognize the awful price of sin, and we thank you for our redemption in Christ, the spotless Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.

Tuesday: Ezek. 44-46

Each time we partake of [the Lord’s Supper] we are invited to taste and see the depth of the riches of the Gospel. The good news of God’s kingdom is displayed as the family of God comes together to share the family meal.

~ Uche Anizor and Hank Voss, Representing Christ. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 2016. p. 144.

Let God Arise! Seasonal Focus
Live a Baptized Life, Romans 6.1-5

Book Reading
Breslin, Embracing Our Priestly Nature at Work

Our Corporate Disciplines
Book Discussion: Tuesday, August 2, 2022

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