Week 32: Saturday

To live as a citizen of the Kingdom, we must see ourselves in light of God’s Word concerning us. We who believe in Christ have been grafted into a Story so big that the entire universe and all of time will not contain it. We are now, by faith, recipients of the Kingdom’s authority and rule, baptized by the Spirit as members into the body of Christ. We have been granted an entirely new identity with a new nature, set free from the futility of empty religion and legalism, all in order that we might represent Christ in this world as his ambassadors and agents.

Christ has promised a reward for those who are faithful. As soon as you bring up “rewards,” someone will inevitably say “not that we work for the reward . . .” Apparently, some of us are too holy for God. I am here to say I am working for the reward. This, friends, is the reward God gives. Do spurn his gifts but rejoice and seek to attain what he has promised.

God our Father, thank you for the promise of a reward. Help us to faithfully serve so as to receive your reward.

Saturday: Jer. 23.33-24.10; 29.1-31.14

Weekly Reflection on the Priesthood of all Believers
Whatever the case, the activities of representation, peacemaking, and service (as part of a team) were integral to be both an emissary and a Hebrew priest.

~ Scott Breslin, Embracing Our Priestly Nature at Work: A Theology and Practice for Ordinary Saints. Eugene OR: Resource Publications, 2017. p. 32.

Let God Arise! Seasonal Focus
Enter the Priesthood of All Believers, 1 Peter 2.4-10

Book Reading
Breslin, Embracing Our Priestly Nature at Work