Week 31: Saturday

The Kingdom of God is God’s sovereign intent to re-establish his rule and authority in this world, and to do so through the redemptive work of his Son, Jesus of Nazareth. This effort to “make things new” again is the core biblical teaching of Jesus and the ultimate point of reference on the meaning of life, under God’s rule. The Kingdom Story was the heart of Jesus’s teaching, and is the central focus of biblical theology. Truly, the story of Scripture, and of all creation, is the victory of God’s Kingdom through Jesus Christ.

We cannot know what will happen tomorrow, but we can know how this all ends: Christ will put down sin, death, and the devil, and God will make all things new. We are not simply hurtling through space and time with no real destination. God has promised new heavens and a new earth. Stand firm in your faith that he will certainly deliver on his word.

Eternal God, everlasting and almighty, you know the beginning and the end. You are the Alpha and Omega. We put our trust in you.

Saturday: Jer. 25; 36; 45-46

Weekly Reflection on the Priesthood of all Believers
As such, our priesthood is meant to be integral to our self-identity and more fundamental to who we are than our occupational identity, ethnic identity, or nationality.

Let God Arise! Seasonal Focus
Enter the Priesthood of All Believers, 1 Peter 2.4-10

Book Reading
Breslin, Embracing Our Priestly Nature at Work

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